Welcome to Friends of Zizira

A niche community exploring the agricultural & horticultural potential of Northeast India

Friends of Zizira is a network where you can share your thoughts and suggestions for the humble, yet enterprising, farmers of Northeast India.

A community where you could spot business opportunities; gather and share knowledge about the region; coach and contribute, even connect with suppliers of unique produce of the region and be an ‘ideas partner’ of Zizira, as it strives to engender good business practices and work culture that can benefit farmers, while building a sustainable business for itself.

Friends of Zizira is a niche social network of people interested in the welfare of farmers of Northeast India.

Who will be interested? Well, if you are: 

  1. A Scientist, a researcher or even a student, connected in some way to Agriculture or Horticulture in the Northeast of India and looking to brainstorm your ideas, or get feedback on what you are doing, looking to see how to monetize the potentials in your research finding, or want to share a paper you have published, want to share your knowledge for the larger good, or looking for a job opening, or want to use this platform to keep up-to-speed and look for new opportunities;
  2. An entrepreneur in food, from anywhere in India or the World, willing to explore the opportunities in the unique produce of northeast India. Maybe even looking for suppliers of unique produce from the region;
  3. A business consultant in food technology, essential oils, herbs, spices or medicinal plants, who is looking to expand your network, to seek opportunities, and to contribute to your peers and the farming community of Northeast India  
  4. An enterprising official in one of the many organizations working for the larger good of the farmers of Northeast India who wants to contribute her/his learning, get real time feedback and more, in a closed, private, at the same time, a learning environment;
  5. Any other friend of Zizira – who wants to see Zizira succeed as a business and reach its goal of opening markets for the farmers of Northeast India
  6. Anyone in the field of Essential Oils - whether a supplier of natural and high quality essential oils, or a buyer looking for suppliers, or a consultant - (As Northeast India has great potential to grow herbs and spices for their essential oil, we plan to grow a network of experts, consultants, producers and sellers of essential oil from all over India, if not the world). 

Then, this community is for YOU!

Friends of Zizira member benefits: 

  • Exclusive access to all the members, as they join, so you can connect with the right people & information you are seeking.
  • Exclusive access to post your own Articles, conduct polls, post about an event you are hosting, ask questions, seek ideas and more
  • Connections to members from near you
  • Engage with topics of your interest
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